Arthur and Family

Its been a busy few weeks for me and have met some really nice families along the way! So I’m finally getting to post the pics! So heres Arthur and Family! A very cool little dude with and equally cool family! There were a few tear and screams at the early stages of the shoot but Dad had the magic touch to calm him down! Worked a treat and I’m booking him for all my other shoots in the future ;)!!!…

Arthur and Family

Heres a Link to the rest of the images 🙂

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Spent a few hours this morning perfecting different lighting techniques for Jewellery. Using 2 lights, 2 white boards, a sheet of glass from a photograph on the wall, I played around and ended with some super cool results!! Im still in awe of how close i can get in with my new Sigma still keeping loads of sharpness!! Keep your eyes peeled for more snaps of my lovely Fore watch!

Heres a link to my Flickr page where I have a few more shots!

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The All Mighty Mouse

Pull Rip

I brought some of my gear home from the studio today as I have had a few ideas pop into mind lately. So I set everything up and had some fun! I even let my little assistant take all the shots using my IR remote while I angled the lighting equipment! Fun day! Look out for more fun images!

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Remember the AWESOME Staffie I shot a few months back? Yeah, Alan. Thats him! He came round with his awesome family and had a blast in the studio! Alan won a lucky ticket through the Herefordshire Bull Terrier Club FB group to get his portrait taken in my Studio. He came along sporting this BEAST of a collar from Rogue Royalty supplied by Strongdogz.

Alans mum Joe sent the images off to Andrew, the guy that runs the show over at Strongdogz and he was well chuffed with them! So much so that he decided that Alan should be Shown off round the streets of LONDON!!!!!!

So UNBELIEVABLY chuffed to have my image selected for this! I loved shooting Alan and even more enjoyed meeting his great owners! And Thanks Andrew for using my image! UNREAL!!!!

Heres some links for Strongdogz guys… Pop over and check them out!!



Staffies aren’t
dangerous spread the word

Rogue Royalty UK

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Harry George Gerrard Kelly

Harry George Gerrard Kelly

Today has been a COOL day! Harry Kelly and his lovely Mam turned up at the studio to redeem their ‘FREEBIE’ compo win!! I’ve just finished editing a bunch of great images that we had and they are on their way over (via dropbox lol) for his approval! Hope he likes them? I think i caught his best side? Don’t you??!!….

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Lifestyle Sessions

Our Fun Day at Queenswood!! 19 6 2013-Large from Matthew Watkins on Vimeo.

The time is nearly upon us again!! This was back in our glorious summer last year!! Queenswood was the most fantastic backdrop anyone could ask for to run some Lifestyle Photo Sessions!! All the families that i had the pleasure of meeting up there had a fantastic time and were more than happy with the images that they had to take home!! There are so many great spots there to get some lovely portraits of your family in or just to have snaps of the kids!!

The lifestyle sessions don’t have to wait for the summer though!! If you enjoy splashing round in puddles and they kids love getting muddy! Then nows the best time to take advantage of it!! They sessions are by no means expensive and run for around 2 hours ending with all the images taken given to you as digital files!! If you’d like to see more then check out my pages that i will link too underneath…

heres the lifestyle section of my website

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Looking Back

Abbey Hickinbotham

Looking back through my image library I decided to reedit some of my old stuff that I found. I found this great shot of Abbey from a few months back and decided to spend some time and do things a little differently with it. Love the mixture of soft and sharp in this and the whole image seems to work! Happy days!!

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When is too much, too much?

Today I have been taking full advantage of the wonderful Finnish design we have at home. After living there for about 8 years (it does help that my wife is Finnish too) we have gathered plenty of cool stuff! Tea tastes so much better out of these ittala cups.

Im trying to get more into product photography so I thought id just get some practice in. My main concern is when is too much editing, too much? which do you think?

L or R?


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Legs Eleven (Twelve)


Taking a short break to post a little update. I am currently bulldozing through editing yesterdays family shoot, as they would like to use some of the snaps for christmas presents!! No pressure! The two families that turned up were a great laugh and the kids played nice too! I learned one thing from the shoot though…. 10 people in one sitting is a bloody struggle!! Fun though!

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What a cool name for a dog. Allan. But a COOL dog does indeed need a COOL name! Allan was this. He was so well behaved and had great owners that look after him so well, and it shows as the bond between them was fantastic! A month or two ago I allowed for a Free Pet Photo shoot to be put into a raffle with all the proceeds going to Hereford & Worcester animal rescue! I’m so glad that these won it! Had a blast doing this so it looks like I have another thing to offer! Pet Portraits at the Studio! Get in touch if your interested!!

The rest of the photographs are on


over on my Flickr page in the set Allan.

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